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Ordering from RainDogs.

If you want to order some products, please contact me:


There is lot more pictures in facebook too!

All products are custom made, so you can choose materials, sizes etc. as you wish. 

Dog training.

If you need help in dog training basics, problem behaviours or Nosework for example, please contact me:


We can organise private lessons or group trainings as you wish.

I use modern, reward based training methods and RainDogs is committed to conform ethical directions of Suomen Eläintenkouluttajat ry. as a member of this association.

In case of problem behavior, we always start with consultation. 

Consultation for problem behaviours. 

(This usually takes 1-1,5 hours)

Interview and training plan.

150 e. includes VAT 24%

Consultation + 2 x 1 hour private training sessions.

240e. includes VAT 24%

Private training sessions:


-Problem behaviours

-Enrichments and activating

-Scent work

50 e./h. incl. VAT 24%

30 e./half hour, incl. VAT 24%

Travelling expenses  0,41 e./km. is added. (From Helsinki Roihupelto or Hämeenlinna)

Puppy training:

Includes two 60 minutes training sessions. For example about motivating puppy to work together,basics in leashwork, recall, handling and treatment. 

Materials about socialisation, Getting to know your puppy-bodylanguage and behavior, Basics about training or what needed.

100e. includes VAT 24%

+Travelling expenses  0,41 e./km. 

Private trainings usually takes place at customers home.